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The Royal Government started National Credit Guarantee Scheme (NCGS) to ease access to finance to mitigate the adverse impacts of the pandemic on the economy and support kickstart the revival of the economy.

To ensure successful implementation of the Scheme, monitoring and reporting have become the lifeblood of NCGS. While projects supported under NCGS are spread across the country, the office doesn’t have its presence all over the Dzongkhags and Gewogs at the moment. Whereas, the Community Financing and Services Department (CFSD) under National CSI Development Bank Ltd. (NCSIDBL) already has its reach over 20 Dzongkhags.

Therefore the NCSIDBL and NCGSF signed MoU on 19th August to ensure timely and transparent monitoring and reporting of projects. CFSD will be carryinging out monitoring of projects which are practically not reachable by the NCGS.

Inauguration of first Gewog Banking Service (trial basis) on 16th July at Wangchang, Paro. NCSIDBL and BDBL clients can now deposit and withdraw money from the Community Service Centre in the Gewog. Soon other Gewogs will follow suit.

Signing of MoU with the BDBL to start providing Gewog Banking Services(GBS) to the unbanked lot in the rural areas through our Community Service Centers located in the Gewogs on 2nd July.

The signing of MoU between the CEO of NCSIDBL & the CEO of Samuh on 21st June. Samuh services can be availed from our Gewog Service Centers in all the Gewogs.

Signing of MoU with RSEBL to attempt to sell Kidu and Sungchob Fund shares to the rural folks through our Community Service Centers located in the Gewogs.

News & Events