• 30th June: NPL Follow up 

NCSIDBL would like to inform the general public that the lending activity has been temporarily suspended owing to rising NPL affecting our ability to lend. To this effect, we would like to earnestly request all its borrowers to kindly cooperate and update their loan installments on a monthly basis as well as update the outstanding balances for those who were not able to repay on time earlier.

Loan Repayment can be made through the following options:

  1. BDB ePay to NCSIDBL account No. 000127160093.
  2. Mbob to  NCSIDBL account No. 203433412.
  3. Mpay to NCSIDBL account No. 0100155672001
  4. Cash Deposit at any NCSIDBL offices or Community Service Centers.

In the event, the defaulted accounts are not updated, the bank may be compelled to take action as per the contract terms and its prevailing regulations.

Most importantly, when the repayments are done, please provide your correct CID number or loan account number to ensure that your account is updated.

  • 27th December: Quick Guideline to make your Repayment 
  1. mBOB
  2. mPay
  3. ePay
  • 20th December: Payment modes for Loan Repayments

NCSIDBL takes the opportunity to inform all our valued customers that loan repayments can be done through the followings options any time anywhere:

  1. Cash Payment. : BDB, NCSIDBL &  Community Centers to NCSIDBL account No. 000127160093
  2. BDB ePay to NCSIDBL account No. 000127160093
  3. Mbob to NCSIDBL account No. 203433412
  4. Mpay to NCSIDBL account No. 0100155672001

While making the online payment, kindly ensure to provide your proper detail of the CID of the Client or Loan account number in the remarks box of the online system.

Contact the bank at our toll-Free 1580 for head office or our Regional office Gelephu at 06-251450, Mongar at 04-641580, Phuntsholing at 05-251964, and Thimphu at 02-332501 any inquiry.


  • 29th November: New Loan Applications to be suspended

The National CSI Development Bank Limited would like to inform the prospective borrowers that, as usual, we will stop accepting new loan applications for the year 2021 for a period of one month (1st December 2021 till 31st December 2021) owing to the bank’s year-end closing and loan recovery effort. The bank will resume acceptance of new loan applications from 01 January 2022.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

  • 20th July: Loan Deferment and Interest Waiver Incentive