Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Micro Loan: 5%
  2. Cottage Industry: 8%
  3. Small Industry: 8%
  4. Non Seasonal Export: 8%
  5. Seasonal Export Financing: 8%
  1. Agriculture
  2. Livestock
  3. Manufacturing & Production
  4. Service

Yes, the following are the minimum fees charged. While processing fees are retained by the bank, CIB charges are all transferred to the CIB office.

Processing Fee

  1. Up to Nu.500,000: Nu 100
  2. More than Nu.500,000: Nu 500

CIB Charges

Up to Nu.100,000

  • Micro Consumer Comprehensive Report (Hit Report): Nu 100
  • Micro Consumer (No-Hit Report): Nu 50

More than Nu.100,000

  • Consumer Comprehensive Report (Hit Report): Nu 300
  • Consumer No-Hit Report: Nu 100

You can apply via any of the following offices located nearest to your locality:

  • Regional Offices: Monggar, Gelephu, Phuentsholing, and Thimphu,
  • Branch Offices: Kanglung and Dagapela,
  • Community Service Centers:  In all Gewogs, and;
  • Head Office: Paro.

Yes, you can apply online and accordingly need to upload all the required documents as per the checklist.

You can visit our website for the checklist under the ‘Products’ menu on the bank’s website (

Yes, you can get an additional loan for an ongoing project or expansion of an already completed project.

The gestation period is the time period given until there is production from the project. It depends upon the nature of the project but the maximum period given is two years.

Customers can also deposit their monthly EMI via:

  1. BDB’s e-Pay (using ‘Fund Transfers’ option) to our repayment accounts: 000127160093
  2. BOB’s m-BoB (using ‘Bill Payment’ option) to our repayment account: 203433412
  3. BNB’s m-BoB (using ‘Miscellaneous’ option) to our repayment account: 0100155672001
  4. Cash or Cheque: BDB, BoB and BNB branches through the above account nos.
  5. Cash: Community Service Centers in Gewogs, NCSIDBL Head Office in Paro or other Regional Offices.


  1. Always mention CID or Account no. of the borrower in the remark column or on the deposit slip. And, if possible, mention mobile number too.
  2. Do not use the direct ‘Fund Transfer’ option of m-BoB and m-Pay while making payments to our BOB and BNB repayment accounts respectively.
  3. Do not deposit to any other bank accounts other than the above three account numbers.
  4. Contact toll-free number 1580 for more information/clarification.

For more information on the above digital payments, please refer to the following “Quick Guidelines” on various mobile apps:

No, one person can’t apply for more than two or more loans of different activities at the same time or at a later point of time unless the first loan is completely closed or liquidated.

Yes, you can get by visiting any of our offices or by contacting via bank’s toll-free number at 1580 or contact us at our fixed-line numbers 08-276576/78/79 and by providing your email address.

For Microloan under Nu. 500,000.00, the maximum term will be of 5 years and for CSI loan above Nu. 500,000.00, the maximum term will be 10 years.

However, the loan term will be determined and provided based on the nature of the project and hence, the maximum term will or will not be provided.

Yes, you will get a new loan right after closing the existing loan but the repayment of the earlier loan should be regular and clean for the last six months.

Yes, the loan limit is 10 Million for CSI loans with debt-equity ratio of 75% to 25% and for the Microloan, a maximum of Nu. 500,000.00 without requiring any equity.

Under this scheme, the government will stand as the guarantor for loans above Nu. 2 million sanctioned by the NCSIDBL.

For more information, please visit NCGS website